"both young and old recovered boast"Listen now (57 min) | Collaging tales of family saints, spells, Berserk fanfic, cyborgs turning to plants…
"Reality is bending and warping all around us"Listen now (36 min) | Chatting and bullshitting about precaution, VR, mindsets, magic, perception and more.
On pulling cards, overworking, biding time, and bucking anger.
NEWS - Cyborg Memoirs Fan Club is HERE.Listen now | Join your favorite cyborg on Patreon, where we can do more than just have me send you an occasional newsletter. =3
A less rigorous fall iteration of my MERCURY INTENSIVE fiction writing workshop returns this October. Many juicy details & application/interest survey…
This cyborg needs your fan letters. Plus changes afoot.
The post-cyberized world from Rahl's constricted, quiet perch.
"serious measures to protect"Listen now (27 min) | adventures in venerating the gods of language
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