NEWS - Need References + Fan Club

This cyborg needs your fan letters. Plus changes afoot.

Hello dear reader,

This is a quick one. Two news items.

1) Samuel R Delany Fellowship
Letters of Reference, Due Oct 5th

I’m applying for the inagural Samuel R Delany Fellowship being put on by CatStone Books, and I’m asking fans of my to come forth and lend a bit of support.

Something I need for this application is anywhere from 1 to 9 letters of reference that "give us a full spectrum of [Monk], as a person, a writer, and as a member of their community."

If you have ever wanted to pen a heartfelt testimonial for how my writing or workshops or enduring cyber presence has affected you, now is your chance. You don’t have to be someone of title or public importance, and if you want to but are self-conscious about your writing, I can support you!

Please respond to this email and I will give you further details. I need the letters by October 5th, which is just 3.5 weeks from now, so not a lot of time for some.

2) Fan Club
Patreon Forthcoming, End of Sept

Along with my Metropolarity ride-or-die, Ras Cutlass, I’m going to finally offer a Patreon-based FAN CLUB near the end of this month. My offerings will include a print newsletter, seasonal gear for cyborgs/fan club merch, writing community, and services at higher tiers for consultations on planning and organizing, etc.

I quite like Substack, but I get the feeling I will inevitably port over to Patreon if it sufficiently covers my communication needs. In that instance, I will likely port over all free and paid subscribers into appropriate Patreon tiers. We’ll see, and will update.

My thanks to all the friends and fans lately who have been urging me to make this move. Long time coming!

Let me know what you think about all this, and what kinds of offerings or things you’d like to see from me in this endeavor. I’d appreciate it.

Hope everyone is taking care and getting care and giving care.


This image from mini Metropolarity reunion during Black Quantum Futurism’s Community Futures Zine Brunch at the Hatfield House. “August 28th, 2021”