small and subtle changes here and there

Hey everyone, this is a head’s up that the VENUS SATURN SQUARE SMUT READING slated for this Saturday the 29th is postponed due to lack of venue. My June has been busy, plus I been underworlding and working thru depressive episodes, as life goes. So I wasn’t able to get that shit nailed down in time–oh well. HOWEVER, the reading will happen this summer, and I’ll have plenty of hype & info to follow once all the TBA stuff is confirmed.

As for the smut writing/desire practice workshops, are you interested in coming to the one slated for this Saturday from 2 to 4pm? I should have made RSVPs. Is it too late to ask for RSVPs?? (Just so I don’t put my limited efforts into something few or no people will actually attend.) It’s looking like I’m gonna wing it and find shady area for students on Penn or Drexel’s campus.

For the two smut writing/desire practice workshops slated for July 13th and July 20th, we’ve got tentative space at Threshold Wellness at 440 East Girard Ave (a few blocks past Frankford Ave and across from Sketch Burger if u want a dank burger before or after). There are five steps and it’s likely we’ll be seated on cushions on the floor.

As for the PROPAGANDA WORKSHOP slated for July 4th– I’ve secured a venue thanks to a gay angel in my life. Meet me from 1 to 3pm this coming Thursday at 5213 Grays Avenue [Grays Ave Warehouse]. There are 2 flights of stairs and incense/fragrance is sometimes going on in the space (but won’t be for the workshop).

Also, I posted this to my IG profile highlights: How do we who are “mixed race” and treated as white by society work in unison against white supremacist empire without centering ourselves? If you are thinking about this shit too it’s time for us to convene. Please contact me so we can coordinate.

~ * ~

Remember when I was like I’M BOUT TO RECORD ALL MY LATEST STORIES JUST LIKE OLD TIMES GET READY FOR THE AUDIO TALES!!!! a few weeks back? Turns out living by a busy ass street a bus runs on by a busy ass intersection means all kinds of other sounds are in the background of what i’m trying to record, and that’s frustrating. Part of me is seriously like fuck it on the pristine vocal audio goals cause I don’t have energy like that to pursue a good recording place blah blah (only now it occurs to me to ask my friends with studios for some halp)… My tarot cards seem to continue to remind me that I can’t be doing shit alone. damn.

I wrote a tumblr-style reflection on the fate of All That’s Left zine. It’s an update on the series tucked inside a historical context/recollection of events that brought it to fruition in the first place.

I saw Moor Mother’s Circuit City play last week and it was a blessing. I got the latest issue of the beautifully produced Commune magazine in the mail and it’s better than the last. This wild/cool looking gender nonconforming thrift/consignment store in Savannah, GA ~ Civvies on Broughtin ~ recently picked up my (very internet famous five years ago) slogans for cyborgs patches.

I woke up crying from my dream this morning, and tonight my tendons ache and ache. I have more to communicate but this will have to do for now.

look up at jupiter in the sky and dream dream <3

(and see some of you this Saturday)