Dystopia versus fantasy, origins of magical practices, releases of sci-fi smut and magic zines, fighting games that made me gay, and more.
On legacy systems, communal memory, and caring for the dead.
"Reality is bending and warping all around us"Listen now (36 min) | Chatting and bullshitting about precaution, VR, mindsets, magic, perception and more.
Kicking off the BETA effort with a recap of where things started
"Something that you cannot do without the approval of the masses"Listen now (30 min) | This edition of the DHD newsletter features a casual audio overview of my educational pamphlet 'Key Concepts of Message…
on pushing myself out of and into the dirt
Watching a pandemic unfold spacetime, human beings as animals, cyborgs and trans memoir, and the advent of early spring.
"CLOGGED DRAINS REVEAL BURIED CREEKS"Listen now (6 min) | Greetings love. I have to keep it short. This one’s been on my mind to share for a minute now. Me and Cutty have been talking back…
on martial environments, cultures of control, and shifting one's attention
"serious measures to protect"Listen now (27 min) | adventures in venerating the gods of language
On pulling cards, overworking, biding time, and bucking anger.
"And all this time…"Listen now | A christening for the thresholds we have now crossed.